With this new feature, you can now prioritize the visibility of
jobs that have been added by employers or admins
on job search pages by displaying them on top and then displaying the aggregated jobs.
With this feature, you can
prioritize manually added jobs
(By employers or admins) on job search pages, by displaying them before aggregated jobs.
In the example above, the employer has added a
job with the
category and
tag, located in
New York
so their job will be prioritized and displayed on the top for all the following pages:
  • Full-time Jobs
  • Marketing Jobs
  • SaaS Jobs
  • Jobs in New York
  • Marketing Jobs in New York
  • Full-time Marketing Jobs
  • SaaS Marketing Jobs
  • Any text-based search result that matches it, such as "SEO Specialist."
To activate this feature, navigate to the
Job Board Settings
section, click on
Jobs > General
and enable this field: